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Take the guesswork out of what a dash, pinch and smidgen are. These spoons are for the cook who wants every measurement to be precise.

The spoons come in three sizes: a Dash, a Smidgen, a Pinch . No more guess work. Let the measuring spoon doll out that pinch of salt for you.

Dash, Pinch & Smidgeon Measuring Spoons , Measuring Spoons , Dash Pinch Smidgen $2.99 *79715. 4" long, 18/10 stainless steel. Measures approximations for a

You may see definitions and even measuring spoons or tools for a " pinch ", "dash" , and so on. You can measure these quantities if you want, but they usually

HIC Mrs Anderson's Dash Pinch and Smidgen Measuring Spoons HIC Porcelain. In Stock. With the Stainless Steel Pinch , Dash and Smidgen measuring spoons ,

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