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You may have heard of skunk odor remedies like tomato juice or vinegar , Related Articles. About Dogs - Get That Skunk Smell Out of Your Dog!

Remove skunk odor from a dog. Rub fur with full strength vinegar ; rinse. Get smoke smell out of clothes by addibng a cup of vinegar to a bath tub of hot

It will smell like vinegar all over BUT it is better than skunk ! Dont worry, the vinegar smell won't last long!

wash skunk smell off as fast as possible Wash all sprayed clothes, fabrics, vinegar fights skunk odor White Vinegar or hydrogen peroxide counteracts the

30 Aug 2008 How to Get Skunk Smell off a Dog with Vinegar . Fido escaped from your house and had an unpleasant altercation with a skunk . Fido lost.

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