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This Bavarian style of wheat beer is pale and cloudy. It is bottled and served unfiltered so the yeast used during fermentation is still present.

Particulièrement apprécié des hommes de 55 ansLa Bière Curim gold celtic wheat beer est une bière de type "Spéciale" à fermentation Haute, conçue par le

8 May 2008 Ray Daniels notes that fermentation temperatures are very important in wheat beer due to the sensitivity of the yeasts involved.

Well as a general rule, I'd say that most posters here would agree that a wheat fermentation is anything but calm. I'm through my second wheat beer

Witbier, white beer , (French: bière blanche), or simply witte is a barley/ wheat , top- fermented beer brewed mainly in Belgium, although there are also

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