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Thousands of affordable candles , votives, floating candles , accessories, and candle making supplies, candles 3" Round Floating Candle Disc - Short

water lily floating candle holder Floating Orchid Candle (Pink or White, Set of 4) Heart Shaped Calla Lily Candle Holder Elegant calla lily candle holder

Use round glass bowl about 4 to 5" in opening at top, 3 silk calla lilies opened , colored marbles at the bottom, and a floating candle in the middle

butterfly favors, Calla Lily favors, celestial favors, graduation favors, baptismal FLOATING CANDLES Large swimming pools floaters, water lily , hibiscus

Candles ranging in size from small floating candles to carved unity sets! Pretty Calla Lily Design Favor Saver Candles

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