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13 Jan 2006 I needed a vegan cupcake recipe for a child's birthday party (one of the kids has a milk and egg allergy), so I made these and they were a

wikiHow article about How to Make Vegan Cupcakes . How to Make Vegan French Tomato Tart · How to Make Basic Vegan Nut Roast · How to Veganize Recipes

This is probably the best chocolate cake/ cupcake recipe I have ever made and I have made my share of vegan cupcakes .

30 Jun 2009 It's vegan and i have a vegan baking book and a vegan cupcake book. I want a recipe from my cupcake book because its really good,

I can't give you the recipe because I was recipe testing for the second issue of Don't Eat Off A portly dog desires a vegan cupcakes , from heatherrrrrrr

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