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11 Jun 2008 It's still a Hulk movie , but it's really Captain America and it's a bit more about the alleged Captain America cameo at Cinematical.

11 Jun 2008 UPDATE: The Incredible Hulk - Captain America cameo M.I.A.? Plus, word has it that the Captain America movie will take place during WWII

In a CBM exclusive, we've got the deleted clip of Captain America from the current Hulk movie that has been teased all week by director Louis Leterrier!

11 Oct 2008 Film School Rejects - Movie Trailers - Upcoming Movies - Movies Coming Soon - Films - The sequence is 2:25 long, and the cameo comes right near the end as an Hulk's Leterrier Talks Captain America & Blu-Ray

11 Jun 2008 The Incredible Hulk is after all, a kids movie . So the cameo he's been running around all week promising us isn't in the movie , So to sum up: No Captain America in The Incredible Hulk , but it's completely safe to

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