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I used to work at a flower shop and do wedding bouquets . The only thing with Gerbera daisies is they like to wilt.

I wanted a combination of blue/white color in my wedding like the sky :D i like the gerbera daisies for my bouquet ,is there a blue gerbera daisy for that?

Gerbera Daisy Wedding . Triple Gerbera Daisy Bouquet . Gerbera Daisy Wedding . Double Gerbera Daisy Bouquet . Gerbera Daisy Wedding

For ideas on your gerber daisy wedding bouquet have a look at these bouquets . The gerbera bouquet can be vibrant and bright or soft and pale in color.

1 Oct 2008 Silk wedding flower bouquets can take some of the stress out of wedding flowers, and like their fresh counterparts, silk Gerber daisies come

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