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Aller à Yarn dyeing ‎: There are many forms of yarn dyeing . Common forms are: at package form and at hanks form. Cotton yarns are mostly dyed at package

Add the skein of cotton yarn and soak for about 5 minutes while you are mixing up your dye colors. 4. Into 4 separate cups place 1 teaspoon of each color

Just a reminder, kool-aide works with wool yarn not with cotton yarn . Kool-aide works with wool yarn because it's an acid dye and acid dyes

29 Aug 2006 I have been searching and these are the easiest directions for dying cotton yarn I have found by far. Great tips! I have one question.

30 May 2006 I have searched the web and am finding lots on yarn dying , but not anything on dying cotton yarn . Should I use Rit dye ?

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