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Bring indoors before frost. In areas where winter lows do not drop below 10°F, you can plant your Calla Lily in the ground in spring in an evenly moist or

Calla Lilies kept as indoor flowering house plants prefer to be kept in a well lit location that's just shy of full sun and not to hot.

2. Houseplants I would like to keep my calla lily indoors . Should I place it in a North or South facing window? Callas work great as indoor plants.

10 Aug 2006 I have an indoor calla lily at my office and it has grown to about 1 1/2 Callas are bulbs. Your indoor calla looks like my outdoor callas right now,

calla lillies , calla lily , indirect sunlight: Where are you in Arizona? If you are in zone 10 yes, plant it in a location that gets sun in the mnorning but

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